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     EBM News is one of the leading and dedicated multilingual news portal for live updates of news and information for Indians around the globe. Mr. Vysakh Suresh Chairman of Expertouch Business Group is the founder of EBM News. The word “EBM” means Expertouch Broadcasting Media. Along with Hindi & English EBM News covers all the South Indian languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada & Telugu.

EBM News as a news portal is committed towards constructive, crusading journalism, as a people’s paper to follow the hard investigative story and not just remain a passive vehicle of news. EBM News has very quickly established an enviable reputation — national and international — for the quality of its reportage, the eminence of its writers, and the refinement of its analyses and ideas. As an online news Portal, EBM News increasingly, influences almost every opinion leader and decision maker in South India.

As a online news channel, the journey has been a long and an arduous one. Memories flash past – ‘the best of times, the worst of times…’

We have covered all stories , day in and day out – the sad ones and the happy ones, the in-depth investigations and the sting operations, the politics of entertainment and the entertaining politics, the sordidness of crime and the depravity of public figures, the fundamentalism of the Right and the fundamentalism of the Left and the self-righteous Middle Path, the flourishing businesses and the flourishing trade unions, the activist and the opportunist, the agony of the victim and arrogance of the perpetrator – we covered all these and more.

Our Team

Editorial Director: Pradeep Karalam
Managing Editor :Vysakh Suresh
Associate Editor: Suresh Damodaran
Associate Editor: Arumughan Pillai
Sub – Editor: Praneesh Pradeep
Sub – Editor: Ajith N
Sub – Editor: Kilimanoor Natarajan
Special Correspondent: Mahesh M
Reporter: Anil Gopi Nath

Reporter: Babu M
Reporter: Sajith CR
Reporter: Deepak Thripati
Reporter: Pankaj Dhillon
Reporter: Balaji Naidu
Reporter: SreenathSomnath
Reporter: Kiran K
Reporter: Uma Maheshwari
Reporter: Reshma Seth

Photojournalist : Robinson C
Cameraman: Joseph M
Cameraman:Mithun Mohan
Cameraman:Ajeesh Thomas
Cameraman:Anith Roy
Cameraman:Bibakar Banerjee
Cameraman:Mukul Dev